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Villasimius is a coastal municipality of 13.000 inhabitants, located in the south-east of Sardinia, at 50 km approx. from Cagliari. It is, together with Costa Smeralda and Alghero, the most popular tourist Sardinian resort due to its beautiful long sandy beaches and lively nights with several restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping in the village, which is 2 km from the sea. The most famous beaches in Villasimius are: Porto sa Ruxi, Spiaggia del Riso, Porto Giunco and Timiama. But this destination offers more than beautiful beaches. Do not miss a boat excursion at Capo Carbonara, diving or snorkeling and a round of golf on the nearby Tanka Village. For your holidays please see our proposal about hotels, residences, holiday houses, farm houses and B&Bs.

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