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Holiday Stintino

Stintino in 1988 became a municipality, after having belonged for a long period to Sassari 's municipality. Nowadays Stintino is one of the most famous Sardinian tourist resort. In Stintino there are a lot of types of accomodation: hotels, holiday houses and residences. It is located in the north-west of Sardinia, just in front of isola Piana and isola dell'Asinara, a wonderful unpolluted island that has become a natural park. Stintino is a famous destination especially for its crystal clear water and beautiful beaches, such as La Pelosa, which is considerated the most beautiful Sardinian beach. Please see our proposals about holiday houses in Stintino with swimming pool nearby the seaside; book on line our hotel in Stintino or if you can find a residence in stintino call us for any suggestion.