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Holiday SantìAnna Arresi Porto Pino

Porto Pino is located in Sant'Anna Arresi's municipality. It is a tourist resort distinguished by a fantastic pinewood of Aleppo Pines. It is also a crowed place, especially in summer for its amazing bay in the gulf of Palmas, with its marvellous sandy dunes and crystal clear waters. These famous dunes, called “Sabbie Bianche” (White Sands), are formed by the wind, the sea and the rocks erosion. Porto Pino is located in the south-west of Sardinia. West of Sant'Anna Arresi, in Candiani's area (Porto Pinetto), there are beautiful sandy inlets and rocky coast. When you arrive to Porto Pino, you can see in the pond a lot of red flamingos. Here you can choose your favourite beach, actually there are several public or equipped ones where you can hire sun umbrellas and beach chairs. You can also find restaurants and a little tourist port.

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