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Holiday House Orosei, villas for rent Orosei - Sardinia

List Holiday House Orosei. See below the list of holiday homes and villas in Orosei. We selected the most exclusive accommodation for your stays in holiday houses and villas with pools, near the sea or the beach. Get an online estimate for your favorite holiday home or villa in Orosei and directly book online, by email, phone or Skype.

Orosei is one of the beauties of Sardinia, the ideal place where spending a unique experience, surrounded by the uncontaminated nature of Sardinia. Our holiday houses have been selected to let you live this glimpse of Sardinia at best. Some of the accommodations overlook Golfo di Orosei beaches, among the most beautiful bays of the full region. Holiday houses in Orosei are the perfect choice for those in search of a calm place to stay with the family and children. Choosing this place also means to get in touch with the great traditions and local events that happen throughout the year. Do not miss the bonfire for Saint Anthony celebrations in January, or the procession on horseback of the St. Isidore festival and the procession of boats carrying the statue of the Virgin Mary along the waters of the river Cedrino during the spring. You can live these and more evocative events by staying in a holiday home. Book your stay in the house you prefer among those belonging to this selection. The natural landscapes of the Sardinian territory, its beautiful beaches and the amazing traditions are waiting for you!

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