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Hotel Domus De Maria, accommodation Domus De Maria - Sardegna

List of hotels Domus De Maria. See below the list of hotels in Domus De Maria and check our current offers, hot deals and reviews for the best hotels. Check the price to stay at your favourite hotel in Domus De Maria and enjoy your holidays in Sardinia.

A hotel in Domus de Maria is a choice of quality, among wellness and pristine nature. Hotels we have selected are set on an uncontaminated landscape. Just think of renowned long beaches of Chia: crystal sea waters, gold dunes, lagoons and green mountains. Domus de Maria is in Sardinian southern coast, close to Pula beaches, the amazing Tuerredda Beach and Teulada. Holidays in this seaside resort are perfect for relaxing and having fun, both for adults and children. Among our hotels you can find 4 stars, 3 stars and 5 stars accommodations.

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